Luxury Cash Money Bouquet Gift for Her (Cash not included) (2024)

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  • Luxury Cash Money Bouquet Gift for Her (Cash not included)
  • Luxury Cash Money Bouquet Gift for Her (Cash not included)

Luxury Cash Money Bouquet Gift for Her (Cash not included)

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Order a flower bouquet with a difference! This is the one-of-a-kind gift for someone who tells you that they “just want money”! Give them what they ask for! A practical gift with a creative spin! Specially designed by our in-house artisan in Singapore, our Luxury Cash Money Bouquet is sure to brighten up her day.

Instead of gifting with a packet or writing a cheque, check out these wonderful money flower bouquets that will "last forever" - that's if they decide not to spend it.

These bouquets are made from real cash & banknotes. Each individually wrapped and then bundled together into a bouquet that's made to impress anyone receiving it.

A beautiful flower bouquet that's practical too! Whether it's an anniversary gift, a wedding gift, for Valentine's, you're guaranteed a smile with these.


Prices DOES NOT include banknotes, we will drop you an WhatsApp or email upon receiving your order to confirm the amount you would like add for the bouquet. Please leave your contact number and working email in the billing address.
Payments for such only works through bank transfer , Paynow and Paylah due to high transactional fees. Credit card payments are accepted if 4% transactional fees are bound by customers.


All Bouquets are made up of 18 - 20 notes, regardless of the custom amounts.

I.E. A $100 custom amount bouquet might be made up of 20 x $5 notes and similarly a $1000 custom amount bouquet might be made up of 20 x $100 notes. Our artisan will decide on the best combination for your bouquet.

  • The sample bouquet in the picture shows 9X SGD10 notes, 10X SGD2 notes, and 5X SGD50 notes, amounts totaling to SGD350.
  • The amount can be adjusted in denominations of SGD2, SGD5, SGD10, SGD50, SGD100, and SGD1000.


  • Rainbowly reserves the right to replace any item in the bouquet with another of equivalent value depending on availability.
  • Wrapping materials may vary slightly based on availability.

Delivery Areas:

  • Islandwide delivery including Central, West, North, North-East and East Region

Delivery Fine Prints:

  • Min. 2 days booking in advance.
  • Available for delivery between Monday to Sunday.
  • Delivery time is between 11 am - 6 pm. No specific time is allowed.
  • Price stated inclusive of delivery fees.
  • The recipient will be given a call 1 day before the delivery to check whether they will be around. There are instants where the recipient prefers a change of address or date. You may provide their next-of-kin number that will be at the given address if it's a surprise.
  • Request for re-delivery of order on the same date to another location will be charged $20.
  • Vendor will not be liable if products are found unsatisfactory after deliveries are accepted in good condition.




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Luxury Cash Money Bouquet Gift for Her (Cash not included) (2024)


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